Yogurt, Greek Yogurt, Karachi and Me.



Many times, I would see a recipe calling for Greek yogurt but when I searched a method to make my own. I found it’s really complicated. Like, heat the milk on a double boiler at a specific temperature while checking temperature on thermometer. Then adding starter yogurt. Then putting milk in incubator for specific time or at a specific temperature etc and bla bla bla.

Recently, I came across an easier recipe and then I figured out that those posts were about making yogurt and then making greek yogurt. Lols.


Now, in Karachi where I live, in summers night are so hot you just whisk starter yogurt  with cold milk ( I use refrigerator cold). Leave on the kitchen counter, covered tightly, over night and early in the morning yogurt is ready (within 8 hr). Keep it in fridge first thing in the morning or it will be spoilt. Done.

You can use any milk, but the creamier your milk the creamier will be your yogurt.

Yogurt Recipe:


For quicker version.

  •  Heat milk to warm it slightly and wait five minutes to cool down.
  • Add yogurt starter from last batch, whisk well.
  • Rest it covered in a pot (not plastic) near a burnt stove that will warm the place.
  •  Or keep it near the pot in which something is cooking and yogurt will be ready in less than 2 hours.

However, on high altitude and in colder region you might need to follow the more complicated method for non stringy, well set yougurt. Karachi, which hardly sees any winter we stick to simple method. Yogurt ready to set Greek Yogurt Recipe

So Greek yogurt is just thick yogurt.

  • Hang yogurt in cheese cloth for 3-4 hour or put it in a strainer lined with chesse cloth or any clean, non dyed fabric.
  • Keep a pot under strainer to collect whey. You can use whey in making breads and chappati or roti.
  • Next, give it a good whisks till it gets creamy and it’s ready.
  • If you leave it for 6-8 hours or more, it turns into curd cheese.
  •  Greek yogurt is used in both sweet and salty recipes and it’s good on its own too. If you are in hurry you can also sqeeze with hands at intervals to speed up the process.
  • yogurt sauce

Yogurt in strainer Greek yogurt ready to whisk Pakistan
In Pakistani dishes, you can use Greek yogurt in White Karahi, White Roast, or White Handi or other curry to avoid watery gravy which is due to excess water of yogurt. My kids just love sweet yogurt. And yes, the good bacterias in yogurt are extremely nutritious and healthy for both mommy and baby.

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