Introduction to Graphic Design

Most designers in the UK are involved in graphic design. Graphic design involves all the aspects of the creation of images and ideas through the designing of images and ideas in an artistic manner.

Graphic design differs from various other aspects of art as graphic designs are produced by people who have a talent for it. The method of producing a good graphic design is very different from other types of art and a creative mind and talent for the making of visual images are required. An example of a graphic design would be the drawing or photo, which is a result of artistic talent.

The significance of an artist in the creation of a design is demonstrated when they draw or design an image. There are many factors that have to be taken into consideration when creating an image. These include:

Image alignment is very important. It should be perfectly aligned to the rest of the image. Any mistakes on this part will affect the overall look of the image. Poor drawing methods can make the image look ugly and may spoil the effects of the design.

The focal point of the design should be clearly defined. It should not be exaggerated or lead to any other points of interest in the design.

The position of the image, which is not obvious, should be the focal point of the design. This will add to the overall visual effect.

The look of the design can be emphasized with the use of the right color. Using colors with which the eyes can easily identify will add to the overall attractiveness of the design.

The layout of the design is important as the shape and space of the design is very important. The layout should be evenly spaced so that the viewer does not get confused about where to look at. One thing to note is that it is not necessary to limit the size of the design to make it look big.

Shapes and sizes of the elements of the design should be properly proportioned so that the eyes do not get confused on what to look at. Different forms of design like film, paintings, photographs, images of form and geometry are examples of designs that are visually appealing.

Different shapes and sizes should be considered when creating an image. This will help in the proper adjustment of the entire image and will improve the ability of the designer to create different designs.

The three dimensional nature of the design is different from the 2D and 3D nature of the design. The 3D nature is seen when the viewer is standing or sitting to see the design in its entirety. These designs need to be consistent with the viewer’s perspective.

All these aspects should be remembered when creating a design. The success of the design will largely depend on the skill of the designer. There are many ways through which a person can learn the skills required for creating a graphic design.